Georgia Puppy Caravan


The Georgia Puppy Caravan is an event designed to bring together animal lovers and rescue workers from all states and all walks of life with the singular focus of delivering a message of love for animals. Although there are many states dealing with an overpopulation of unwanted pets, due to strong and active personal relationships with shelters and rescue groups in the area, this particular effort will be centered around the great state of Georgia. There are many people working hard for animals in Georgia but the work is daunting. It is hoped that the Georgia Puppy Caravan will result in renewed media focus on the humane treatment of animals, education for the communities of Georgia about the need for spaying and neutering and the responsibilities of the government to provide funds so that Georgia shelters have the food, medical supplies and other tools needed for the animals in their care. We look forward to a day when animal life is valued as human life is, when every animal has a home of its own. Until then, we hope that all animals are treated with love and compassion, regardless of the animal's ultimate destiny.

Date of the event:

August 19 - 23, 2009

Description of the event:

There are 4 key activities planned as part of the Georgia Puppy Caravan:

1) A caravan of up to 200 vehicles will travel a path that starts in New Jersey and ends in Atlanta. Families and individuals participating are making the trek to show their support for the animals of Georgia. We invite everyone to come out to our rest stops and show your support of the Caravan on its long drive...bring your flags, posters, and smiles to show the local media how much support there is for the animals. Support for the animals of Georgia will also come by air! Volunteer pilots for Animal Rescue Flights will fly into the Peachtree Dekalb airport with food donations and will be prepared to transport shelter dogs to their new rescue homes, if needed.

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2) After arriving to Georgia, the Caravan will visit the Chattooga shelter in Summerville and entirely empty the facility of its unwanted animals. The media will be on hand. It will be a symbolic event of how things should be...animal shelters sitting empty because every animal has a home of its own. The message will be positive, focusing on the need for spaying and neutering as well as asking people to care for their animals as members of the family versus discarding animals as they might discard unwanted furniture or clothing. Preparations are being made in advance so that the dogs are ready to travel.

Click here for more details about emptying the Chattooga shelter

3) To welcome the Georgia Puppy Caravan to Atlanta, an event is being planned and hosted by Mr. David York and the Barking Hound Village, where the new National Geographic reality series about Rescue Ink will be premiered. Both Rescue Ink and National Geographic will be present at the event. Politicians, celebrities and the press have been invited. And, of course, Caravan participants and rescue volunteers will attend the event as well. Much of what is necessary to put on such an event is being donated. We hope that the press attending this event will raise enough awareness that it will be possible to more quickly create a widespread low cost spay/neuter program for Georgia. Many thanks to Mr. David York and Barking Hound Village for sponsoring such a wonderful event.

Click here for more details about the premiere event

4) We know there will still be work to do after the Caravan leaves Georgia. With this in mind, the Caravan wants to leave a gift behind to help the shelters in Georgia after all the excitement wanes and the media coverage ends. Food and supply donations are being collected at designated donation points in various states and will be delivered to a warehouse in Georgia that will be responsible for distributing the food and supplies as needed until it is gone. In addition to food and supplies donated by individuals, cash donations will be used to purchase dog food directly from a dog food manufacturer at a specially negotiated rate. If we can raise enough funds to purchase 20 tons of dog food, this manufacturer will round out the truck with the last 2 tons and ship the food to Atlanta.

Click here for more information about food, supplies and cash donations

Media coverage:

With awareness comes solutions! It is our intention to garner publicity at every step of the way. None of the organizations leading this effort are involved in rescue or this event because of ego, glory or personal gain but rather, it is our desire to bring support to all the dedicated rescuers who have worked so tirelessly over the years to enrich the lives of the Georgia animals and to save as many from death as possible. Without all of these people laying the foundation and getting the word out about the plight of animals in Georgia, those outside of Georgia would be unaware and unable to assist in this effort to offer additional support and awareness. This is all about creating a better reality for the animals, the shelters, and the rescue volunteers of Georgia. We encourage everyone to get involved, to network, to create a buzz where you live about this effort.

In addition to getting local press coverage in the major cities the Caravan passes through, all of the Caravan activities will be filmed by Ningun Films for a documentary that will hopefully be entered into the Sundance Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival, as a film such as this will extend the awareness of the plight of animals in Georgia. With awareness comes solutions!

Click here to read the press release about the Georgia Puppy Caravan

Organizers of the Event:

The idea is grand but the logistics are just as grand. It takes a team of people from all walks of life and all types of experience to pull something like this off. Below is a list of some of the organizations that are assisting on various aspects of the Caravan. We want no stone left unturned. If you see that we are missing something that will make this event successful, please let us know.

For more information about each group, click here

  • The M.O.M.S. Rescue
  • Animal Rescue Flights (ARF)
  • Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports
  • Barking Hound Village
  • Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen
  • Animal Adoption Center
  • Georgia SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  • Dogs On Death Row
  • Rescue Ink
  • Save Our Pets Foodbank
  • Chattooga County Animal Control Shelter
  • Ningun Films
  • Bodhi Grove Productions
  • OFG Productions
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